Long Hot Day at the Market

Long Hot Day at the Market by Georgina TolmayLong Hot Day at the Market view 2

SIZE: 19″ x 25.5″ / 48cm x 64cm

MEDIUM: Acrylic on Acid-Free Paper

DATE: 2013

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I went through a spate of painting in 2013 when things were quiet in my design world and I had some time to breathe. I love drawing and painting the human form and I especially love painting portraits where I try and let the eyes tell the whole story.

Markets in Africa are synonymous with the women of Africa. Here they can shine, it’s their space. Commerce, social interaction and self-expression take place the way that they would like it to happen.

While the day was long and hot, she is satisfied. She sold her produce and she can take something back to her kids. She can go home contented.

Mrs. Stenger in Canada bought this piece.

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