That’s Close Enough

That's Close Enough by Georgina TolmayThat's Close Enough view 2That's Close Enough view 3That's Close Enough view 4

SIZE: 16″ x 12″ / 41cm x 33cm

MEDIUM: Acrylic on Acid-Free Paper

DATE: 2019

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You will see in all of my work that I put a lot of emphasis on expression and that comes from the eyes essentially. This lioness has got you. She knows just how close she will let you come just before that stare turns into a grimace, a snarl or maybe something else. There’s a lot going on in those eyes. Her ears are slightly forward and all her senses are on full alert ready for action if needed.

The condensation on the fur of her upper lip tells me that she is breathing a little harder than she is letting on.

Thank you to Laura Hinton for buying this piece.

“Received lioness today. More beautiful than I remembered.”

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