The Good Husband

The Good Husband by Georgina TolmayThe Good Husband view 2The Good Husband view 3The Good Husband view 4

SIZE: 14″ x 19″ / 36cm x 48cm

MEDIUM: Acrylic on Acid-Free Paper

DATE: 2019

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A male Southern Ground Hornbill taking food back to the female in the nest which is usually in a hole in a big tree. This clever man had a very successful hunt and even though I have studied other versions of the source image I still can’t work out if there was more than one snake and quite what snake it was. Certainly there was a lizard.

For those who know this bird – their big booming calls are such a special part of any savannah environment.

My thanks to Paddy Strover in South Africa for allowing me to use his image as the inspiration for this painting.

Walter Bundy in South Carolina was the first to see this painting (my first ever wildlife painting) and he snapped it up before it could even make it to the exhibition it was destined for. Thanks Walter.

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