Graphic Design

I have been a Graphic Designer for 30 years but it still feels like yesterday when I left Durban Tech with my portfolio under my arm and headed straight to London to see what the world had in store for me. Aside from a very short stint freelancing for an agency in London, I started my first design business at the age of 22 and didn’t look back. How many times the world of graphic design has reinvented itself or evolved in those 30 years! The Apple Mac grew up and so did Photoshop. The internet and web design changed our world forever and smartphones and tablets took all of that to a whole new level. And what awaits us in the world of AR and VR? We’ll have to see but in the meantime I have selected a few of the more recent pieces out of my extensive archives for you to get an idea of what I can offer in the design discipline. I take on select design projects now as a mix with my art career.

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SKILLS: Branding, Brochure Design, Way-finding Strategy

Large format product catalogues upwards of 100 pages and then shorter versions made for Fibre by Auskin in Europe and the USA. These are visually very rich documents that require a strong command of Photoshop, Illustrator and particularly InDesign stylesheets. I was also responsible for the creation of the brand style guide that underpinned these documents and created all the iconography to assist with visual way-finding. Even a bit of 3D came into this project.


#adobeindesign #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #madewithmodo

SKILLS: 3D Visualisation, Print Direction to Production

One of the best things about 3D visualisation is the ability to prototype. Labels can be a costly development process and so using 3D to work up ideas helps to get to the end result without having to spend a fortune in printing prototypes or working up leather labels. It also helps the printers understand exactly what you want to see in the final product. I use Modo from the Foundry to model and render in 3D.


#madewithmodo #3dvisualisation #pointofsale #letterpress #leatherlabels

SKILLS: R&D, Experimentation, Design, 3D Visualisation, Print Direction to Production

This was a huge project that took nearly a year to complete. The outer box itself was not the complicated part but the trays to hold the little swatch holders took some working out and then the little swatch holders themselves went through numerous iterations. I had to devise a system for the little boxes to ‘self-lock’ and hold the skin patch inside without the use of glue or velcro or any other substance that is sticky as wool and fur do not go well with ‘sticky’ things. Again 3D visualisation was a great help in the easy stages of realising my vision and then it was just hours cutting up cardboard and skin patches. Big shout out to Weavabel in the UK for their support in the development of this project and then final production.


#madewithmodo #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #weavabel

SKILLS: Label Design, 3D Visualisation, Illustration, Print Direction to Production

Designing a wine label is one of the most challenging projects. You have a very small space to communicate a lot of information. Expressing the essence of the brand, the type of wine and it’s origin. There are many technical details on a label. These are highly regulated in terms of font size and even the way the alcohol percentage is expressed, and that information varies depending on what country the wine is being sold in. So it’s a finely tuned balancing act to design wine labels. Meeting the expectations of the client and how they want their brand to be perceived in that space is most often the hardest part. I worked with some of the great producers in Central Otago, New Zealand, famed in for its superb Pinot Noir.


#centralotago #newzealandwine #pinotnoir

SKILLS: Design, Photography Direction, 3D Visualisation

I love packaging! Aside from branding, this is my favourite of the design disciplines. In this series of packaging for fish I received the die-lines from the printers, the brief from the client along with the photography and away we went. Build the design on the die-line and then transfer that into 3D space for visualizing and when it’s all approved it’s back to the printers and job done. No more backwards and forwards cutting, folding, glueing and prototyping at the printers or hacking it all together in Photoshop. A smooth and elegant process thanks to the wonders of the 3D world.


#talleysnz #hokifish #wildcaught

SKILLS: Strategy Development, R&D, Design, Photography Direction, 3D Visualisation

I have done A LOT of Ice Cream packaging in my time. This is just a very small sample of it. Working with Ben Wilson and Talley’s in New Zealand we developed ranges of ice cream produced in New Zealand and sold into Japanese and Chinese supermarket chains. We also developed various ranges of ice cream sold into the New Zealand market. Here again the elegant integration of design first and then transfer to the 3D space bringing about a smooth design iteration and ‘prototyping’ process.


#icecream #premium #naturalfruit

SKILLS: Brand Design, Packaging, Layout, Photography Direction, 3D Visualisation

These mussel packaging projects were great fun. These are all prototypes in 3D space. I even modelled the mussels which was an interesting process in understanding bump maps and normal maps. Creating the effect of a vacuum-packed bag was also a very interesting process and presented its own set of unique challenges. And of course, designing the actual packing itself onto the die-lines was a lot of fun. Some of my favorite projects.


#nzseafood #sustainable #farmraised

SKILLS: Brand Design, Packaging, Layout, 3D Visualisation

This was a great project simply because it had to be turned around very quickly and I had no design assets except the die-line for the cardboard carton and the size of the polystyrene box. It was simply design by the seat of your pants and I love these kinds of projects. I came up with 3 different brands and styles for those and 4 different designs ranging from bold/rustic through to classic/simple then modern/minimalistic – they were all modelled and rendered in Modo.


#cloudybay #wholeshell #oystersnz

SKILLS: Packaging Design, 3D Visualisation

As with the Ice Cream, I have designed a lot of frozen vegetable and French Fries packaging over the years. Again, this was for both the domestic New Zealand market and various Asian markets with the emphasis being on Japan. It’s all about getting as much visual attention as you can in the refrigerator. Excellent photography, well-chosen ‘models’ bringing that all together in a way that hopefully inspires the customer to pick the bag up and understand the quality of the product then head directly to the nearest check-out…


#freshveg #snapfrozen #nzproducts

SKILLS: Branding, Brand Design

My favourite of all the design disciplines. Making a brand mark. Devising a solid brand strategy based off a good brief. Research, think and then create. That delicious moment sitting in front of a blank page and letting yourself fall into the process of making something unique and special. I love manipulating typography, breaking letter forms apart and then bringing it all back together again in a unique way – perhaps a flourish here or a little flick or twist there and suddenly the brand mark comes to life. These are a very small selection of some of my favourite logos that I have made over the years. Some are still in use today and others are just the versions I liked in the development process – perhaps the client didn’t choose the one I might have liked but I still kept the odd one for what they meant to me.


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I have numerous other work examples in a multitude of different design disciplines, available on request. Please get in touch for more information.