A fine artist by nature, a graphic designer by trade and 3D visualiser from my interest in making functional objects.

I am a self-taught artist, inspired to paint African wildlife and people in oil paint, acrylic and watercolour. I love the process of making art in many forms. Illustrating and drawing in charcoal, graphite and ink is a vital part of my art process.

My formative years growing up in Zimbabwe provided a rich vein of inspiration for my art. Formally trained as a graphic designer, working for over 30 years with clients around the world, designing in myriad types of printed and digital media. I now create as both a fine artist and designer.


Georgie is amazing! My brief to her was interesting but incoherent; she took me in hand. Her resultant brand design, print advertising and website design are sleek, stylish and simply beyond what I could have imagined. She spins gold. I commend her, and recommend her to anyone who desires the very best of design.

Hamish Blenerhassett, Alpha Ridge

Georgie is always great to work with. Her professionalism is second to none and only the best is good enough. She always has the energy and drive to exceed expectations. Over the past few years it has been a pleasure to work with Georgie on some fantastic initiatives. Her creative talent and ability to see things in a finished form is a pleasure to hear and watch. She has a very safe pair of hands with which to trust something you regard as precious and important.

Ross Greenwood, Impact International

We think we were probably some of Georgie’s most challenging clients but she came through for us! Our team is made up of unique and strong-minded individuals, so we knew at the outset that agreeing on a design for our new brand was going to be a challenge. Thank goodness we chose Georgie! She really listened to our feedback, and persevered through numerous re-design requests, so that the end result is one that we are all very happy with! It is enduring and vibrant and really reflects our business.

Sally Battson, Aspiring Medical Centre

From our very first meeting, Georgie understood my vision and more importantly understood the steps required to realise that vision. Thank you, for your direction, guidance and encouragement over the last 5 years.

Nick Frame, Release NZ

Some 12 years ago, Georgie put her hand up to tackle a challenging brief for both our company rebranding and our sport. Her attention to detail is second to none, her flair for design a breath of fresh air. In our opinion her work faultless. A kindred soul, she focuses clearly on the task at hand, committed to achieve outstanding results, no mater what the budget or what challenges may entail. A professional in her league as a designer, who can logically tackle the task at hand in incredibly quick time.

Alan & Karin Cameron, Strawmark

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